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Most people don't know termites the way we know termites. So there are always questions when first treating or pre-treating your properties. We're here to answer.


Signs to look for are mud tunnels coming out of the soil and up the concrete slab. You may see visible termite damage inside your home. It could be small pin holes on walls, ceilings, or baseboards; cracked and blistered paint or mud tunnels with termites in them. You may see termites swarming in the spring or discarded termite wings. There are not always visible signs. Termite colonies feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can go undetected until substantial damage is done. To see photos of termite damage, click here.

Have your home treated and set up for annual inspections. Once your home has been treated by Twin City Exterminating T.C., your home will be inspected yearly. If termites are found, your home will be retreated at no extra cost to you. Make sure there are no moisture problems in your home and make sure the concrete slab is visible. Any time soil and landscaping are above the slab on the brick, termites are a potential threat.

Twin City Exterminating has a perfect record of no incidents with children or pets after treating thousands of homes. Our trained professionals always follow the label and apply products responsibly. Children and pets can be home while treatment is being applied.

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